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Eric Burns

(404.) 645-3356

Terry Burns

(678) 770-4542

Lauren Burns


Please make appointments

through Lauren

They say it's good for your team's photos to have a similar theme so they all go together. Our theme is called, "Scotty."

As the team's lead Buyer's Agent and Expired Listing Specialist, Eric is using his Mechanical Engineering degree to its fullest potential. For Eric, 2020 marked 3 years of enjoying the personal connections absent in the engineering world and 3 years of prospering in the real estate industry.

A certified teacher in Early Childhood and Special Education, Lauren has moved on to manage the administrative, photography, and videography requirements of the team. While she is almost always behind the scenes, her efforts affect every seller and buyer the team serves. 

Scotty is a wee lad that enjoys looking and smiling at cameras. When he is not trying new foods, you can find him rolling around in his playroom or napping. His hobbies include playing with cups and reaching for things around him that are breakable and sometimes expensive. 

Hailing from Jonesboro, Terry has been practicing real estate north of Atlanta since 2006 alongside multiple small business endeavors. With experience in the ownership and operation of several types of businesses, Terry is the team's lead in Commercial Real Estate and Standard Listings.


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