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Visit Homes

We will arrange to visit homes you have selected, together and in-person, to determine the best fit for you. To best use your time, have an accurate idea of your price range based on monthly payments and your loan pre-approval. Work to narrow down your "wants" versus "needs" to determine what is most important.

Making an Offer

Once you have decided to pursue a home, we will work together to create an offer. Our offer will include the purchase price, closing date, earnest money deposit, time limit of the offer, and terms - these include any contribution to closing costs from the seller, items you want to stay with the home, due diligence, repairs you would like completed, etc.


One of the most important parts of our job is helping to determine the Market Value of a property. That is, if there are no extenuating circumstances, what is the property worth? We will walk you through how we determine a home value so that you are confident when making an offer.

Execute Contract

Contract execution means that all parties, both buyer and seller, have signed and are intending to close on the property. There are still many to-do's between this point and owning the home, but this is a significant checkpoint. From this point on, under normal conditions, the seller is committed to selling their home to only you.

Home Inspection

As soon as your offer is accepted, you should schedule your home inspection. It is crucial to complete an inspection as quickly as possible to allow for negotiation within your due diligence period. Within due diligence, you have the ability to make requests of the seller to repair items that came up during the inspection.


Your approach to this second round of negotiations is important: asking for a long list of miscellaneous "honey-do's" is possible, but it is usually advisable to focus on a small number of significant items that need to be addressed before closing. Every situation is different, however, so we will help guide you through these requests.

Preparing for Closing

Between executing the contract and closing, if you are obtaining a loan, your lender will request many items of you - tax records, bank statement, income receipts, proof of home insurance, etc. It is important to provide these items ASAP to keep the gears turning as we approach closing day.

Final Walkthrough

The day of or the day before closing, we will visit the home one more time to make sure any items requested of the seller have been addressed and that nothing catastrophic has happened to the home in our absence (flood, fire, etc.). As long as the home is still standing in the condition we remember it, we are headed to closing.


While you may feel jittery before your closing, there is nothing to fear! We have ensured that the closing attorney and your lender are both fully prepared for the day. Prior to closing, you will have wired funds according the attorney's instructions. You will bring your drivers license and a loose hand, ready to sign some papers.


After all the papers are signed and funds have been moved accordingly, the home is officially yours! You will be rewarded with keys and garage door openers. Congratulations!

After Closing

Our role does not end after we hand over the keys. On the contrary, we will continue checking in to make sure the condition of the home meets your expectations and that we are available to assist you in overcoming any issues that arise. Even while you are not actively buying and selling real estate, we remain your agent and encourage you to call, text, or email any time!

The things you need to know to buy real estate.


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